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Knowing Yourself Better First

Do You Know Your Body Type?

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You must be one of these body types: The Endomorph – Big thighs and stores body fat easily; The Ectomorph – Slim thighs and difficult to store body fat ; The Mesomorph – Muscular all over. Each has different approach to training results.

Do You Eat Nature's Best Servings?

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Food is the fuel that enables our body either act to get us the shape we want or act against our desire. We give you the best plan to eat whatever you crave, even eat more times in a day and yet maintain your ideal dream body.

Are You On The The Best Routine?


Routine is the plan that works according to your body type and the eating habits you have. At Zing Fitness, we curate the best routine to help you get in shape in no time. Some may do weights, some walk and some run! Best choices only. 

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See Our Core Training Programs


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boost the heart's and breath power

Body weight

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Encourages a fitness lifestyle outside the gym


Improves mental health

Zyng Fitness focuses more on boosting your agility and strength levels, this is the primary indicator of a healthy individual. We help you maximize the natural foods which we have at an advantage. Combining and optimizing the best outcome in moderation to give you a lifestyle to a healthier body. Zyng Fitness also emphasizes rest schedules strictly. Get started today and see a younger and re-vitalized personality.   

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Personal Training

Group A

Monday – Wednesday – Friday

Regular & Intense

1hour per session

6am – 7am   &   7pm – 8pm

Group B

Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday


1hour per session

6AM – 7AM   &   7PM – 8PM


The Zyng Fitness Regular sessions are those that are seeking to make fitness a lifestyle and maintain optimum body weight and develop a healthy meal selection mindset.  Natural over processed 100%. 

₦ 29,000



The Zyng Fitness Intense workout sessions are for those that want to achieve their goals with gusto. We schedule the normal workouts and also hold a supervised workout sessions over the internet in the evenings. 

₦ 47,000



The Exclusive Fitness sessions presents follow through steps that 100% gives the trainer the liberty to develop special diet menus and improvise workout sessions suited to meet their goals in with adequate pacing.

₦ 113,000


About The Company

Started in 1999, from the love of basketball, which is a sport of fast paced aerobic activity. Mr. Emeka AKA Coach E-Zyng never knew that it would grow to a hobby that would span my career, a lifestyle and a company he loves

E-Zyng has successfully impacted a lot of individuals along the way, through his love for the sport even though he did not see the need to harness his gift and share it with the world. 

E-Zyng would go on to win numerous championships through Asia and though his dream for playing in the NBA never got realized, he got to soon realize that he has been resilient to sculpt the spirit of a warrior, intent on living fit and strong, also in ample health always. He decided to share it.

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The world is full of people who are not living their best lives due to poor nutrition choices and unhealthy lifestyle. 

Hence,  E-Zyng’s  determination to share his secrets with YOU for a healthier living that fits whatever lifestyle you have at the moment. The world is abundant and perfect, and it is ours as log as we remain intentional to attain it. 

Get started with us today.

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