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Why Should I Have A Website?

There are many websites out there that cater to the need of everyone looking for a solution to their desire/problem/challenge/thought at any particular point in time. A Website is simply a way of telling every device connected to the internet that you are available. Your well presented information and credentials as regards the solutions or information you offer goes a long way to increase your dominance in your market niche, increase your credibility in seeking international partners and clients and most importantly improves your awareness to the world at large.

How Do I Go about It?

First, understand the major product or service you are offering and the specific range of them you offer in the market (you can only do so much as you grow), the key is to focus on where you have major control and experience as you will be looked up/contacted by clients and companies that need your service without confusion on what you do.

Engage a professional web designer and explain the concept of your business, your vision and principles as these will help to create templates that are unique to your business. Needless to say, many business evolve over time as they grow or drop part that are not meeting their expectations, did you know that “google” wasn’t the name it went by when it started? You don’t have to be a multi-page colorful website, depends on what you do, just make sure that your objectives are clear to the user.

A simple website to start with that explains all you do and it depends if you want to remain relevant to your field of business and growth, you should take your blog seriously too as this will be the foundation of your daily social media channel posts and help elevate your status in the online business. Your general outlook online will help you become credible and will show to potential investors that you are serious about what you do. People notice businesses that are always striving to be consistent and relevant in their niche space. You will never be ignored. Do you know that if someone sees a brand/business up to 7 times online it will register as safe and trusting?

Small Business Owners

Small business owners have a lot to benefit if they have their websites online, when people search about your product/service, you easily pop-up on the search engines, hence, SEO optimization and this is key when you are engaging your website design specialist.

At LeonXonline, we value our small business clients because we have a “kick” of seeing small businesses grow with, we love success stories and we have successfully created sure tested trends and pathways that will help the small business owner tackle this problem despite the stage of growth that they are.

You don’t really need a full multi-page website if you cannot afford one at the moment, you can choose to go with landing pages as it will help your business have a portal where people can subscribe to your service and you can build a following of loyal clients on your social media channels.

When you have monetized the process and more confident about the success you have enjoyed so far based on the revenue generated and the response from your clients, you can launch your website and fully engage a content writer/website manager/social media handler who will create idea materials to your audience to engage them daily. Attention is the name of the game.

Remember, the best clients are those gotten from the good experience our current clients have. When we have clients that we meet their expectations and even exceed them by how we offer our products/services we get recommended to more clients that would take on that same level of trust to the next clients. The cycle of growth is never ending!


Premium Business Owners

Premium business owners have one way or the other survived and won many battles of business because they understand the concept of making the customer/client satisfied and exceed their expectations. Yet, there are those that struggle too, some don’t even have updated online presence and are missing out on potential clients even if they are getting organic growth from traditional word of mouth or previous clients.

Digital marketing is reaching out to 1000 times more people than your current client base is, with the same interest and energy towards your business. Some people would be looking for solutions which you offer and they are next door but since you only rely on traditional marketing they may not patronize you. Imagine when they see you online consistently, they will find out that you are in their neighbor. Why? Suddenly, their mind easily recognizes your brand color and logo when they see it, it registers as a trust sign. They are willing to impulsively patronize you. That is the power of digital marketing, that is what we do at LeonXonline.

Regardless, of where you are in your level of business we can help you modify existing outdated modeled website, revamp it to suit modern demands, or simplify it to cater to the major services you render.

SEO Optimization Ready

When people say they have websites, they hardly look at the major work involved in creating one, which is making sure the keywords in your paragraphs aand articles in your website stay consistent to your market and brings the desired clients your way when you are searched upon in various search engines.

SEO refers to sources where people get information online about keywords relevant to what they are looking at or searching for at the moment. They may not be necessarily looking for you but because they are on a page similar to the what you offer or they are watching a video that has certain qualities to what you offer or they are in your target market, your business will always pop-up telling them about you.

This is one of the biggest benefits of having a website, whether you are running ads or not, SEO helps you scale the ladder of relevance in your market, you look ubiquitous to the average user, because you seem to be everywhere as long as they have searched for you or something similar in the past.

Conclusively, having a website is like having your foot in the door of the online world as you remain visible and credible always when people search for you. people prefer to look up on google, rather than Facebook or Instagram more. Website is how you remain visible, and an updated website that is constantly linked to your social media channels is the key to remaining on top, because you never know, social media channels are always being ranked on relevance and may evolve without you knowing where to turn to or worse even your page might be hacked or deleted!

Stay relevant. Build your website with us today.

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