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There Are No Shortcuts

There are no shortcuts to getting the prize.  Starting a business requires tenacity and this can test the greatest of minds that are prepared. Thus, it is very important that as a business owner you do the due diligence to train your mind for the secrets of overcoming the worst days, they are usually long like a tunnel without end…but there is, there always is.

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How can I get prepared for the worst?

Usually, we don’t get prepared, yes, we don’t because the preparations always leave us in awe of what has come before us. Sometimes, because of experience, our preparations may be smoother, life has a lot of permutations and even if we have experienced the same situation over and over again, we would have external events that would make them a little bit different.

In countries where certain activities are scheduled and definite to a few errors,  it is easy to get used to a rhythm for making achievements and even at that individuals can forget that there are situations that exist that anyone won’t get the same result as they did. Different climates and different results.

It is important to study your environment and be proactive. Government laws affect a lot of businesses and the activities of the general public. Does it affect yours?


How does the government affect your business decisions?

Many societies have government rules that improve the lives and businesses of their local businesses and even give an enabling environment for start-ups and apprenticeships. Whereas there are others that stifle the progressive plans of their own and damage the reputation of the foreign investments that come in. Every country has its good and bad side that makes the economy thrive and this inadvertently affects the way any business entity, freelancer, or professional will look at their business. Sometimes policies can damage everything that has been built.

So what do you do? You get prepared for every situation and ensure that your business or profession does have the rain check in its plan. regrettably, many businesses don’t. One great way is to have a recession proof businesses or profession and how do you actually do that?


Plan for the rainy day

No one will tell you how to run your life, no one will tell you how prosperous your business is, these are situations and numbers that you know for yourself. Likewise, you are meant to observe if the path your business is on has a tunnel vision or not, if it is going to have setbacks in certain areas of affairs or not, and if it will enable you to grow to the dimensions you want to be or not. LiKE I said earlier, having recession proof businesses or profession, a business that caters to the daily needs of people and a profession that does that too, plus a great marketing platform so you stand out.

These are very important decisions that keep you abreast and make sure that you don’t take shortcuts that may harm your business or profession in the long run.

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Get mentors

Having come thus far in whatever discipline that you are involved with, it is important to seek those who have gone before. There are of course numerous sources of this, online, autobiographies, and people that are in your immediate society. Some people take it further to call in a coach or be a member of clubs that will coach them on what they need to be implementing in their businesses and lives in general.

There are numerous sources online, thanks to the creator lifestyle, more people are sharing their secrets and selling their knowledge for those who are willing to make their journey through business and life easier one of whom is the David Meltzer program or you can get started in UDEMY now.

Remember there are no shortcuts, no matter how hard you think there are. there none. It only comes in the future to bite the piece you left behind. and I pray by that time you have enough experience to wade through, hold your head high and be triumphant at the end of the tunnel.

And as long as you are living there is always a tunnel to go through. Your experience makes you understand that it is never ending until the last breath.

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