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Is Social Media Marketing Overrated?

Social media marketing host names like Facebook. Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tik-Tok, Pinterest, Twitter, ClubHouse, strike a chord, for the right reasons. They have formed a huge part of our lives, they are defining the way we communicate, the way we view our devices of communication, the way we relate with the world before us. We are more likely to know the latest event in an uninvited house than what happened in our bedroom the night before. That is the reality of where what they mean to us today, to some positive, to others detrimental to their mental health, but what is the bottom line, they are here to stay on the long run and they are evolving to stay relevant in our lives.

Social media marketing thrives on a particular model, to help people create easy access to a community of likes and dislikes where they can share their ideas freely with or without discrimination. How does this affect the way we engage in business? How does this affect our service? How does it affect our brand?

As a business, small or big you are identified by what solution you provide, the weight you take off the shoulders of the clients that trust you in transactions and the principles you stand by. These are largely undervalued in the Nigerian space as we just seek to engage in business to make a profit, everyone open a business to make a profit don’t it wrong, but it goes beyond making money. The value we give remains in the hearts  and mind of our various clients, they remember the experiences we give them, people are more likely to keep coming back if you give them good experiences. How does this relate to social media marketing you may ask?


Social Media Marketing – Creating The Dopamine Effect

Social media is a unique source of dopamine for so many individuals, we cannot do without it, we seek humor, we seek trends, we seek validation, we seek respect, we seek knowledge and connections by being magnetized to the ideas we like. Any platform you get on tries to monitor your algorithms, that is noticing the pages you spend time on, what topics you click “like” on, how long you spent on a page, these are important as they will help the platform bring like minded contents to your viewing/reading pleasure, feeding the dopamine release that so draws you to it.

This is good for your business as you can get targeted clients relevant to your field by engaging in groups and interacting as your business handle and commenting positively on what you do. On Twitter among others, this is the growth pattern of having organic clients. You are certainly going to get the right people to view your products/services. But what makes them come for more and take action?


A Clear Call To Action

You are in business and you provide a solution either in a product/service, you may be unique like TESLA or MICROSOFT, who knows, but who cares, the key is to make sure that your competitor prefers to be compared to you rather than anyone else. How do you achieve that? You create clarity in your product/service and use communication channels that does not hinder comprehension. You cannot be selling pap on a franchise scale in the downtown areas and use strong grammatical tenses that are hardly understood by your target audience. This goes back to the fundamentals, your consumer avatar. Do you know who your client is?

Keep it simple, keep it fresh suited always, make it remarkable in its delivery, concise and precise. Your target audience knows what it wants and when they see you they see the clear “call to action” and will not rest until they have given you that benefit of doubt because you spoke to their inner child.


How Do You Achieve This?

At LeonXonline, we specialize in taking a critical look at your business model, your target audience as it concerns your vision/product/service and structure a clear “call to action” with “boosted dopamine” levels. What does this mean? We make sure your target audience tells their neighbors about your business because of the satisfaction they got from seeing how clearly you made your services known.

Testimonials to the effective use or delivery of your product/service goes a long way too. We make sure we don’t bore the target audience with too much details. When you entrust us with your projects we ensure productivity is achieved from the first day of engagement. There are no if’s and but’s, you have to sell, you have to dominate your space and we are here on a mission to help you do that and more, which is elevate with you as you grow in business too. We love growth.

Social Media Marketing is still relevant today, for without it the world would have been in chaos during the pandemic, it created new businesses and new ways of interaction, online trustworthiness, a better value to time and the need to remain consistent in the digital space for businesses. It is not overrated, but very underrated in Africa and Nigeria, even if we some of the highest beneficiaries of the platforms as compared to what we have traditionally.

Integrate Social Media Marketing strategies in your business, contact us to give you tips of engagement and how you can succeed today now. We give you tips for free because we are always learning and upgrading from our worldwide connections of activities. We are dedicated on putting the Nigerian stamps (Africans) on the global market of business engagement. We are here for you.


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