independence day Nigeria

Happy Independence Nigeria!

Happy independence Nigeria! We are 61 and we are definitely growing and learning. The question of every mind and heart is how does the nation’s independence affect me as an individual? It has shaped the decisions of so many families and purposes on a large scale. Even the small habits and patterns on daily basis have been shaped to suit the demands of our society. We are therefore poised to conform to the demands of the environment we find ourselves in. which boils down to the next question are you independent?


How Independence Affects you being Independent    independence day Nigeria

Our independence as a nation brought high hopes to the common Nigerian. we enjoyed the promise as our leaders were young with vigor and carried the youthful hopes for a better society. That all changed when they refused to relinquish the power and find mentees to take over and do better. Hence creating bad leadership examples. This has forced the majority to look for ways to become independent to get by and find ways to look out for themselves rather than relying on the government.

Do you see how independence affects you being independent? no?


Does Independence make an Independent person cares less?

Any independent society has advanced to give the people the freedom to be more competitive in various endeavors regardless of background and ethnicity. They look at the overall advantage it brings to the nation. Now, that is different in our part of the world, more so we have been forced to conclude that we have to be in certain ways our own governments. We provide water for ourselves. We provide electricity for ourselves and more. The basic framework needed to make other things work is not just reliable.

This makes them truly independent Nigerian care lass about the state of the nation, except in updates to security.


“No government has done what we did..- president”    Muhammadu-Buhari-retd

The independence day speech from the president rocked many emotions as there were claims on things achieved and those yet to be done. It raises a lot of irony to the awareness of the people. Nigerians are getting more aware of the facts concerning the governance of their dearly beloved nation and it is comparatively clear that the government of the day is not being creative enough to deliver more. The people are learning and growing faster than the people in government.


Being Independent In Nigeria

As an independent individual, regardless of gender; although the pressure on each gender is relative, you have to come to the fact that you are the lifeblood of the nation. You literally feed the nation, your skills and income pay the bills of the nation. We are immensely proud of what you do. Whatever you do. Today, in the aftermath of the celebration of the independence of this nation, We at leonX digital services celebrate you.


“I want to be Independent”      independence day Nigeria

There are a lot of us that are not yet independent and are looking for ways to reach that mark, while there are factors that may usually want to hinder our progress towards the mark. there are so many places you can look out to truly achieve that, the easiest of which is digital skills, the ability to make people buy or utilize a particular product or service online.

This is what we do at leonX services and as you consider your goals to be truly independent, remember that whatever route you choose, will greatly enhance the way you handle your life from that time on. Makes you more confident about who you are and how you will handle all the relationships that come along your [email protected]

Be original, Be you.

Remain focused!


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