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Find The Truth?

To Find the truth today with the influx of different channels of journalism from many sources, it is difficult to be certain. It is dangerous for any business to leave its affairs to go unverified. Every prominent personality or business needs a safe point of telling its truth.

Information is gold. people created careers out of it and more careers are being made. Nations thrive on correct information, businesses are working because of good, well-documented information passed. we cannot mention all the benefits of having the right information at the right time, It could prevent damages like loss of integrity, fraud, wars, and even death from the rage of the moment. But where do I find the truth about any situation I am perplexed about?


Get the source to find the truth

where is the source to find the truth? The majority of the new generation are hooked on social media journalism and it is increasingly more difficult to tell who is right. most do not quote sources, many do. It becomes inevitable that every personality that has a lot to get affected by using the wrong channel or allowing the public to use the wrong channel to send out information could ruin their careers. We cannot rely on social media channels to send the right message about us or our businesses. we need to have our websites or blogs where our social media updates would update to ensure that the public is getting the right message about us or our business.


What happens when you can’t find the truth?

Reading the story about Ibrahim al-Munjar (1992-17 May 2018), makes us understand that to journal your truth with surrounding facts today is the best way to be completely safe. You don’t want your business or your personality to be entangled in messy affairs. We know they are inevitable, but when the public knows that they can go to certain places to get the right information about you. We look again at the case of Nigerian top Nollywood actor Olu Jacob who was claimed to have passed away. The wife Joke Silva had to debunk the rumor. Even though they had a powerful media presence, it was also very easy to make the story, and if they were not fast enough more damages would have been done.


Engage the public to your source to find the truth

you have to engage the public with accuracy on your activities through the main channel and make them understand that your social media channels are the supporting portals where your day-to-day activities are shared. Not that they are 100 percent accurate on the major projects you have going on, but they are addictives to the main information that is available. Websites and personal blogs are the best channels, they will accurately tell people hard facts you have going on at the moment and anything else they have heard or seen is not reliable information.

That is how you guard your business and profile against being tarnished or associated with ill. We help people build secure websites and blogs to channel their business and activities supported by the social media channels that bring traffic to the main place for the proper information.

we hope you have learned something of great importance, reach out to us today to have your website done.


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