Get It Right

Look right, Charge right.

Simply by doing it right.

It's all connected

Your look
Your authenticity
Your business network
Your trust
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Who would you rather pay well?

Your business should attract your children and young people to learn and practice with pride.  All businesses make money; How you do it makes people pay you better and respect your time and services. Fix your appearance on all fronts and remain authentic. Attract customers like magnet. 

Become the role-model for your business/services.

Your Outlook

  • Your Work Uniform: No need for Anyhowness. Bring pride and professionalism to your customers and clients who will be proud to share your contacts and talk about your pristine service. Presentation is key. Representation is what we do for you.
  • Your Social Profiles: Setting up your social media profiles, choosing your main communication channel and consistently updating it. 
  • Your Landing Page: It is important that your customers know that they can order or book you whenever they cannot get you to answer the phone. This is where your landing page sets in. It is your sales-person 24/7. Whether you are working, playing or sleeping.


Outdoor professionals

₦ 150,000

uniform - 3 (1 style each)
T-shirts - 12
Executive T-shirt - 3
Boots - 2 pairs
socks - 6 pairs

Indoor professionals

₦ 120,000

jackets - 3 (1 style each))
T-shirts - 12
Executive T-shirt - 3
Boots - 2 pairs
socks - 6 pairs

Why should you consider it?

Brand deals

Starting at $97/month and as high as $5,000/month .

With Respect to your name.

Bigger businesses are willing to pay you to be a marketer for them. Think of all the tools and apps and what else you use for your business, they are companies that need more marketing. The uniform displays their logos. Get paid like a sport star. 

They are looking for better representation in our market. The more consistent you are in following up with the MidasServe Network, better deals from companies. 

While you have fun doing your business. After the 30days probation period of sign-up to check your consistency

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Attract International companies and local big businesses to your doorstep; Just with small consistent steps and follow-ups. Get started today on MidasServe.

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