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The HYYP App onboarding platform

How can you get started?

Your Outlook

Just like any sportsman/woman, package yourself with your identity. This helps you get brand deals respect and pride in your job as a part of a bigger community. If you are consistent online. See our preferences. 

Update your social profiles on the relevant platforms. Take priority to TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

Get a website that holds the basic information about your services and can direct traffic to make people look for you and buy from you. yes, even while you sleep.

To learn more how you can change your outlook: LIVECHAT US NOW or send a message on the contact form.

Subscribe to the plan

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subscribe with N6,000/month
|| You manage your social media page posts (fb/instagram/twitter/tiktok ||
|| *you must post 2 videos everyday of you at work to specifications* ||
|| We post your business on our platforms everyday ||
|| start earning from the next month as part of the MIdasServe Project ||
|| Earnings upgrade as consistent as you are in posting your business ||

Get 90%

  • The community rewards the most consistent business owner or skilled service provider that posts  at least 27days a months.
  • It is improtant that Brands see that you can represent them with your work clothes that bear their brand logos
  • Showing up helps people see that big brands can trust you and so they will trust you. 
  • Get featured on Leonxonline Blog and social media channels daily.


Get paid while doing your business

We are in a time where your value as a business owner or a skill provider is worth so much. Get paid while you do your private business by showing us the fun you have while enjoying your work. 

Enjoy an unending stream of recommendations from our network of customers and clients that see and love your work.

more customer engagements

genuine trust
and integrity

Birds of the same feather flock together, our integrity collectively rubs off on your business which fosters genuine trust in transactions.

Watch your sales skyrocket as you continually struggle to make supply to equal the demand for your product or service

Ever growing sales
figures ​

Renewed confidence in business

Confidence is the greatest gift we are providing you. To be comfortable with your worth and knowing you are improving daily because you are always with us.

Why get involved?

Community Growth

Get mutual support from major brands locally and internationally as you remain consistent. Nothing beats referral by word of mouth. 

Brand Engagements

Be your own business/skill influencer and an influencer for other businesses too that are relevant to your niche. Earn more when more brands choose to have you wear their logo.

Community influencing App

Get to places in the world you have never imagined through community from the MidasServe and Leonxonline blogs and social channels. And also be the first to be onto the app that pays black influencers appropriately. HYYP App.

Growth without Ads

Due to the platforms and  the community are involved tp push your brand, organic growth is the priority as it makes you connected and deeply relevant to your local community which is your strength and base market.  

Get more value for your effort

As your business is seen more dependable and reliable in the niche you are in, you definitely will get more well paying customers for your service and products. 

Earn passive income

What is sweeter than doing your business daily, showing the world, getting recognized by big companies begging you to wear their logo on your work uniform and getting paid as long as you remain consistent? Nothing!

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Become valuable to your business and other businesses.
Earn in every way today.

brand and build with LeonX Digital Services

Our Goal

To foster e-commerce adoption among indigenous businesses and utilize more automated processes to upscale traffic and earn passively as brand ambassadors. 

Privacy Policy
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