be consistent

Be consistent

The act to always be consistent in whatever we do today is challenging. There are so many activities begging for your attention, we are constantly under the pressure to leave what we ought to do and pursue another. Not necessarily because we lack focus, it may be to fill a need, a void for an important event or colleague that interferes with our own schedule. khaby lame success imageWe have so many examples of people that stayed consistent with what they had going for them and achieved the highest honors available in that field of endeavor. We have seen also people that never had a chance yet achieved tremendous success. Both come from the same underlying action required, consistency.

How to be consistent

Easier said than done, the power to be consistent begins when we decide to keep promises we tell to ourselves. From small habits and activities, we grow them. We agree that not all the activities we engage in are ultimately required for success. There are many people that engage in activities that consistently bring them self-destructive results. Hence, we understand that consistency works both ways, for success and to self-destruct.  The most important fact to remember is the habit of doing the activity that we have concluded brings the highest ROI. Whatever we put in, that is the result we get. GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. There are many people that refuse to even post content, or remind themselves that their businesses need to be consistently seen online. It is a good indicator of growth.

Being consistent positively online

Being consistent positively means that, we have decided to carry out the activities that will bring the best result to our work, business, and self over time.
Here, we observe the 21-year-old TikTok sensation, @khabyLame that has over 115 million followers on the app. It didn’t start easy, it came from a point of being low, He had just lost his job and had no other option and turned to the app to take away his depression. Little did he know that he would be a source of joy to so many people who just love his consistency in teaching the simpler ways of doing things.

The lesson to be learned here is that he did not wait for things to be perfect, he moved with what he had.
Most businesses are waiting to have this equipment or that, KhabyLame had just a handphone and the internet. No fancy equipment, no manager, no fancy background.

Be consistent, Get started.

Nothing else matters, we have to remain consistent to have the last laugh, we may not see the whole mile, we don’t have to. check your business, your industry, check your competitors, what are they doing that makes them be better?
You just have to start putting out your content and drive content. There are many unique apps and strategies that help users to gain the right audience for their posts and eventually customers for their products or services.

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