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All computer Sales and Repair
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Gadgets & Software

We sell and repair all major reliable computer brands (wholesale & retail), from Apple, HP, Dell, Asus and more. We also repair and install software for maximum productivity of your setup. Contact us today for all your computer related needs. 


Computers and Consoles

Get all sophisticated accessories for your work and hobbies, from computer related to consoles. We have them in direct supply from manufacturers and we are distributor to  major brands. We recommend the best for best productivity. Call on us today


Maintenance And Installations

Let our delicate and  reliable hands to give your computer gadgets and consoles that finesse touch of rehabilitation, update and software upgrade whenever you feel necessary. We are experts spanning many years and various brands. We know your gadgets like we know our  name. 

About Us

The Company And Founder

Astrotek Computers was founded in 2007 from a hobby of taking computers apart and fixing them by the founder, Favour Onemu. The fascination led to building a reputation of having the best hands to fix computer related issues around close friends. 

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Mr. Favour took the lead further by aligning his mindset with creative entrepreneurs in the field, furthermore, catering to the ever-growing demand for repairs and installations in the market.

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Working hours And Online Consultation

Working Hours (Office Hours)

Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

Online Consultation

24 hours  – Everyday Via WhatApp

Set Up My Space

For Corporate offices and Home Offices (Remote Workstations)

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Do you want To Set Up Your working Space?

We can help you choose the right gadgets and set-up your office stations to match your work technology demands. From the designers, web-developers, Video Editors and general office space set-up. Give us a call today 

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Mission road, Benin city, Edo state.

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