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Video Business – 1 Min Or 25 Secs?

Videos is business as business is videos, offline or online, we love motion pictures. We love watching people give gestures and act in certain ways that trigger the dopamine out of our systems and makes us feel good and refreshed and more so grateful to even do what it suggests. This is the power of video, the power of the eyes to visualize.

Today’s world of digital marketing won’t be complete without pictures, Facebook started as a fun way to compare pictures of the most handsome persons on campus at Harvard, Snapchat is a get away from reality of how we actually look to how we want to be seen as, Instagram helps people bring out the perfection in their everyday activities. We are constantly bombarded with the need for visuals to help us accept the world as we see it.

At LeonXonline, we know the power videos play in sending out messages of relevance, as as we go on our activities, we have little or no time to spend on lengthy even though elaborate videos that are meant to send a simple message of a brand/product/service. We are either hooked in the first 5 seconds or not. Hence, we ask should I have the skill of making 1 minute videos or 25 seconds?

This Video Business – What is it?

Businesses that neglected the need for people to see what they are doing visually, have invariably lost the battle in today’s marketing space. Words are cheap. You can tell anyone what a Lamborghini looks like, until they really see what it looks like and that is forever etched in memory. Your logo and brand colors are the soul of your brand when you have a large following, this way people easily spot the difference when you have an impersonator and you will have many as long as you remain consistent but they won’t keep up because you know your game.

Now, creating videos to complement the pictures or visuals you have already is a great move to improve the way you are seen and remembered in the marketing space you occupy. You definitely stand out, you create slogans that can be related to certain gestures or way of doing something, you create a lifestyle out of your commitment to consistency. You may find it difficult at the start, but you will enjoy the process as you go on. Confidence comes with experience. Big businesses know this, Small business shy away from this and thus remain small or irrelevant as time moves on.


Do I Need To Do The Videos Myself?

For small business owners that cannot afford the prices of content creators and video editors, there is no excuse as you have all you need to do what you can for yourself at the moment, a phone and internet, you can afford those. Create videos stating clearly what you do, your solution to the challenge/problem and benefits of the free steps you offer to get the best of your product/service. The key to growth is hugely to critically ignore all negative remarks that tell you to stop, only pay attention to the ones that state how you can improve your content.

For big businesses, you may employ a team that can specialize on that, but another situation may come, they will remain saturated with making content and will not know if the quality of the content is relevant to the market of the day or the current trend. You may be into sales of Dogs and may not be aware that there has been a an attack from dogs on a local school and your video team has just approved and scheduled an ad that is running, that give you bad publicity.


Business Problem Solved

We notice these challenges, that is why regardless of what level of business you engage in we can create engaging content that wont bore your target audience and create the desired outcome which would remain etched in their memories. Most businesses engage in various forms of videos that tend to confuse their prospects about the benefits of choosing them over others. Here are some of the benefits you get when you engage us:

  1. We identify the power points of your product/service
  2. We create power slogans and gestures to that product/service
  3. We organically create a following of individuals seeking your content to remind them of your solutions
  4. We  ensure that your content remains consistent to your product/service scope only

As noticed, the above points will only make you look 100% sure in your preferred industry and enable anyone seeking your solutions to trust your service to them. You won’t need to explain how you do wat you do because you have been able to explain that effectively in less that 1 minute or within 25 seconds.

This gives you an aura of a business that knows what they are doing and has a path to growth, people love to see things grow, exciting things. That is why we buy pets when they are young and grow with them and refuse to let go when they are old and sad to see them die. We help your business become the pet in your target audience, loved, patronized and seen to grow because what you do make your clients become followers to your solutions and visions for your target audience.

Videos are the means of sending a message with the harsh reality of the current state of the target audience being downplayed for a solution that can fix all that at LeonXonline we know just how to do that with a minute and less to create your image of a business that means business!

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